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Q: 3a and 3b are used in AmE? The same thing and yet I am asking.
A: No, neither one
Q: I've noticed that in AmE people pronounce the word 'data' both as 'deita' and 'daata.'
Does the meaning change depending on how it's pronounced? How am I supposed to know when and what pronunciation of the word to use?
A: No, they are both used interchangeably. I myself have used both. I can use them both in the same sentence. The only application of different pronunciations I can think of would be if you are trying to rhyme with something. Also, if you hear everyone else pronounce it one way during a project, you should probably follow along and pronounce it that way unless you want to start a debate.
Q: (AmE with accent) What does she say here? "I don't want you be... with..."
A: I THINK it sounds like: "I don't want to be charging your dad because--"
Q: How is it like for native AmE speakers to read an article written in BrE?
A: It is not a big deal. There are only a handful of different words like flat=apartment, sacked=fired, lorry=truck that are different, along with the different spellings: honour, colour, etc. Every once in a while, I might have to Google something, but rarely.

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