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Q: Was bedeutet Cab make a claim for the parcel?
A: I believe it could be courier company it is referring to

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Q: Bitte zeige mir Beispielsätze mit Cab.
A: Thank you very much!
Q: Bitte zeige mir Beispielsätze mit Cab or taxi. .
A: I would like to take a cap or a taxi to the mall

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Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Cab und Taxi ?
A: One is American the other British
Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Cab und Taxi ?
A: There are no differences, but I believe that cab is just an older word for taxi . It is more natural to say taxi though.

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Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (US)? Cab driver故意绕路多开了两公里。
A: I would say: "The cab driver took a roundabout route that was 2km longer than it needed to be" I don't think 故意 needs to be directly translated here, it's implied from the context.
Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (UK)? Cab you give me a short, good British joke please
A: joke----> Why is England the wettest country? because the queens reigned there for years.

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Q: is this natural?

Cab drivers don't go for short distance
A: “Cab drivers don't go for a short distance.”
Q: Ordering Cab.

A Hi __ taxi how may I help you?
B I'm at Chilies 8164 S Tryon St Charlotte can you take me to the Airport?
A Okay send taxi there.
does this sound natural? klingt das natürlich?
A: " Okay the taxi will be there soon." or "Okay I'll be there."
Q: Cab I ask "what does mean" or It's necessary to use "it"?
A: You have to use "it." "What does mean?" is incorrect.
Q: Please teach me!!!
(Cab) =how age?
I'm sorry in strange English!!!loi
A: How old is this cab?
Q: Cab you check the word "improve" and tell me if I'm saying it wrong, please? klingt das natürlich?
A: Something sounds a bit different. Can you say just that word a few times? Maybe then it will be easier to tell. The rest was veery good!

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