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Q: Was bedeutet cardinal rules: ?
A: A cardinal rule is a basic, very important rule because everything else will depend on it. Here it is saying you MUST have cold water and not mix too much for the recipe to be successful.
Q: Was bedeutet cardinal?
A: @lucyhollings could you please give me an example?
Q: Was bedeutet cardinal sin?
A: Cardinal sin is basically a very very very big sin (bad behaviour)
Q: Was bedeutet (cardinal and ordinal numbers)?
A: A cardinal number is a number that tells how many of something like "I have 2 dogs".
An ordinal number is a number that gives order or placement for example," You came in 2nd place." Or "That is the third step"

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Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen cardinal und basic ?
A: We never use cardinal! I’ve never even heard it 😂

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Q: Can cardinal numbers have definite articles before them? For example:
1, I like the four seasons.
2, The 2 persons are swimming there.

By the way, in the English book of our primary school’s, it has “the four seasons”. I am not sure if it is correct or not. Could you please help me?

Thank you!
A: Yes, we can use "the" before cardinal numbers! "The four seasons," is correct.

By the way, it should be, "The two people are swimming there."

We only add "the" if we are talking about something specific that has either already been established in conversation or is common cultural knowledge. We all know that there are four - and only four - seasons, so we can say "the four" because it is a specific four that we are referring to.

In the next sentence, we can say, "The two people" if we already know we're talking about two specific people, not two people in general. Like in this dialogue for example:

A "I saw two people from my school just now."
B "Oh really, who?"
A "They're the two people swimming there."

In the first sentence, "I saw two people from my school just now," we can't say "the." It's incorrect to say, "I saw the two people from my school just now," because B doesn't know who we are talking about yet. It would be confusing for B if we say that. We can use "the" in the third sentence because now B knows we are talking about two specific people.

"The" defines things which are specific. We can only attach it to numbers if we have already established that there is only a specific number of something.

More examples:

1) "There are three secrets to beating this game. The three secrets are..."

2) "Please remember to complete these seven tasks before closing the store every day. The seven tasks are...

3) "The five things you should definitely bring with you on your next camping trip are..."

Number 3 might be confusing. It is correct though. In number 3 the speaker is establishing right away that there are five specific things you need to bring. It's still very specific, so it's okay.

I hope this helped! It is very confusing to learn when to use English "the," but keep reading and listening to English and you'll get a feel for it eventually!
Q: When you use cardinal number like this Class One , Lesson Two, Page Three , is it necessary to make the first letter of cardinal number capital letter?
A: it is not necessary, but you can do that to emphasize it, yeah
Q: how to convert cardinal number into ordinal number
A: 1 -> First -> 1st
2 -> Second -> 2nd
3 -> Third -> 3rd
4-> Fourth -> 4th
5 -> Fifth -> 5th

Numbers 6-20 use the same pattern and 5, with a “th”.

After 20, use the last digit as a guide.
73-> “Seventy third” -> 73rd
Q: Every cardinal point should have a traffic light. klingt das natürlich?
A: Schaue nach der Frage, um die Antwort zu sehen

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