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Q: He was still have childish charachter not deserve to get married, how could be responsible, the work he did not have too and still want to marry the girl?! , while enjoying the courtship course you do not sell, except the stupid woman would be mocked (play) by lust man .. what a pity.
# Different_between_men_and_women
① women tend to use feelings, when men began to seduce women, then her heart soar into the sky .. then slammed once he mocked (play) her.
whereas ン
❷ men tend to use logic ..
meaning that like to test women with sweet words full of crap, and if he was too smart then he fooling women ..
✎Your heart will know how he treats you.
so protect your heart♡.
ruthless better than being hurt.✓ klingt das natürlich?
A: the work he did not have too and still want to marry the girl?! , ) no clue what that is

he also do not have job , and how he can get to marry her.. thats what i mean

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