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Q: Was bedeutet don't get all chippy?
A: Chippy, means to be quite sensitive to something simeine says or does, and maybe react badly.

For example, if someone makes fun of you for spilling coffee on your shirt, but you're worried about how you'll look in the meeting you are going to, you might be quite cross, or aggressive when you respond. That's when the other person might say "Alright, don't get all chippy, I was only joking"
Q: Was bedeutet chippy?
A: small cheap cafe
Q: Was bedeutet "Chippy" in baskeyball or other sports
(chippy or chippie, which one is more general?)?
A: I believe this is when the players are getting a bit aggressive, bumping / pushing / elbowing / etc. They are pushing the boundaries of what is legal vs a foul. Teams that don't like each other much can get chippy. The refs usually like to make an example of a player doing something like this sooner than later (ie calling a foul) to prevent an escalation to a full on brawl.
Q: Was bedeutet who's going to the chippy, cos I'm yamming? ?
A: Chippy is a "fish and chips " shop.
Yamming is chewing? Maybe hungry? I don't know.

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Q: What does "get all chippy" mean as a slang??
A: Chippy means happy in English (UK)
"Get all chippy" means "Get happy"
Q: Which is more commonly used?
A: chippy
B: chip shop
A: Chip shop I would know because I am English 😂

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