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Q: Was bedeutet who chooseth me must give and hazard all the hath?
A: This line, from The Merchant of Venice, is an inscription on a chest made of lead. There are two others, one of gold and one of silver, which the character Portia's father left behind as a test for anyone who would court her. The other two have less overtly threatening phrases and look nicer, but contain symbols of death, while this lead casket contains a picture of Portia, the mark of acceptance from the father.

Thus, while it initially seems like a warning, "who chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath" (literal meaning "whoever chooses me must give and wager everything he has") is actually a declaration of intent for the kind of personality he wants courting his daughter: someone who looks past beautiful exteriors for inner beauty, and is devoted enough to risk everything for it (marriage).

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