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Q: Clould you correct this?

I am going to tell about positive events in my childhood. First, when I was in elementary school, I was a member of the baseball club. As soon as I entered the club, I practiced much harder than other members to participate in games. As a result, I became one of the best player in the city. The experience made me find the
A: I am going to tell you about the positive events from my childhood...I practiced much harder than the other kids/harder than my teammates...I became one of the best players in the city. The experience really made me understand the importance of "making an effort/giving (it) my all". Second, when...(I call it middle school, but people call it junior high and junior high school as well)...I was involved in a car accident/I got in a car accident and got injured...on the a difficult situation and to be kind to others. (I don't understand the part about a kind man giving you a seat on the train. Explain what you mean by that, did you have to start riding the train to school because you got injured?)
Q: Clould you tell me is it right?
When it come to a person who has appologized to me is my brother.
A: "Talking about a person who has apologised to me, it would be my brother."
Q: Clould you tell me how to say this sentence is more natural?
there are a lot of apps which can repair my photos to be different styles in my phone.
A: "There are a lot of apps on my phone which can edit my photos in different styles."
Maybe this is a little more natural. :)

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