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Q: Was bedeutet I read CNN this morning. Here is a text below from CNN.
‘The President's sweeping plan on student loans follows extended,’

My question is what follow extended mean. ?
A: The full sentence is

The President's sweeping plan on student loans follows extended, down-to-the-wire negotiations.

"Extended" and "down-to-the-wire" are adjectives that modify "negotiations". The negotiations took a long time, and they nearly reached their time limit.
Q: Was bedeutet I'm not sure what Meanwhile means in CNN's Meanwhile in America newsletter that I receive from CNN. Could you please rephrase it in another way??
A: It is (or it was) very common for TV news anchors to switch to the next story by using the word "meanwhile." For instance, let's say they spent five minutes talking about two world leaders having a meeting. They would then say, "Meanwhile, in Chicago..." and start talking about something that happened there. Or "meanwhile, in financial news, the stock market..." etc. It was so common that if you wanted to imitate a news anchor, you would say, "Meanwhile, in Florida..." or wherever.

So, the title of this newsletter is referencing that old phrase that news anchors used to use so much. (It's possible they still use it but I think it's less common now because the style of news has changed.)

Have you heard of Stephen Colbert? He has a comedy show where he acts like a serious news anchor. He does a bit in his show that he calls "Meanwhile," another reference to the old phrase. If you watch (starting at :26), you can see that he says "meanwhile" when switching from story to story:
Q: Was bedeutet CNN affiliate KOMO reports that ...
A: A news station affiliate is usually a station owned by the same company.
Q: Was bedeutet CNN:
"US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that his country would no longer consider the global financial hub as autonomous from China for trade and economic purposes."
What the matter is I don't understand why "as" exist in this sentence. ?
A: DJ_Saidez but the structure " consider sth as sth", I think (xyz) here must be a noun, autonomous is adj.

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Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (US)? How long do I have to study to understand CNN?
A: pronunciation?

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Q: One of CNN's SCOTUS experts says the credibility of the Senate vetting process may be shot

What dose this 'shot' mean?
A: It means ruined, wasted, doomed, or failed.
Q: Why does CNN say below “in the country and world”? It is no wonder that the oldest person in the world is same in any country. CNN don't have to say “in the country”, I think.
Should I understand as a commonly used phrase or “That’s how it is. ”? Otherwise, is there rhetoric techniques?

(CNN) In rapidly graying Japan, living till you're 100 is no longer a milestone for many: Miyako Chiyo, the oldest person in the country and world, died Sunday aged 117, according to the country's Health Ministry.

Thank you.
A: I think that they say it like that to emphasize it. He's not only the oldest person in the country, but also in the whole world.
Q: CNN news
Trump: I don't blame China "on" trade.
why use on? can I use in or at?
A: First, don't use Trump as an example of proper grammar. The man speaks like a child.

In this case, "on" is used as per definition 7b or 7c.

Basically, he's saying he doesn't blame China for whatever trade issues he may feel might exist between them and the US. As is often the case with what he says, it is very open to interpretation.

You would not use "at" because... well... because while it has many uses (not as many as on), none of them really apply in this situation.
Q: “This is CNN 10, your daily down-the-middle explanation of world news.”
What does"down-the-middle" mean? Feel free to offer some examples~Thanks~
A: It means fair and not biased toward any side.

"In the middle" instead of more politically "left" or politically "right", if you are familiar with those terms.
Q: I read CNN news on the internet, and I can't understand: "But to hold their phone and see us hanging out at our North Korean hotel or walking around in the streets."
This sentence has no subject nor predicate. What does it mean?
A: that's just how the sentence is structured. The "But to x.......?" is used when you're expressing disbelief. Example: A vast majority of people enjoy eating sweets. Some include a vast quantity of sugar in their diets everyday. But to only eat sweets as an alternative to real food on a daily basis? That's going a bit too far.

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