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Q: Was bedeutet We don't have the same commonality of interest.?
A: Like saying we don't share the same interests.
Q: Was bedeutet commonalities?
A: Two or more things may seem quite different, but there are usually a few commonalities.
Between different nationalities, such as Russian and Brazilian, there exist commonalities like the need for security, food, and companionship.
Along the socio-economic spectrum commonalities are apparent in the need for food and sleep, no matter how wealthy or how impoverished.

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Q: What commonalities and differences are between these two things?
What are the commonalities and differences between these two things?
Are both correct and the same?

The first one is acceptable. The second one is very good. The meaning is the same.
Q: What's the commonality between A and B ?
Their commonality is that...

What do A and B have in common?
What they have in common is that...

Are they all correct?

A: Both are correct, but the second one was more natural and oftenly use. Meanwhile, I think the first statement sounds formal.
Q: What's the commonality between desks and tables?
Their commonality is that they are both furniture for placing things.

Is it correct?
Are there other ways to say it?
A: A table is a generic term for a piece of furniture you can place things on. But a desk is specifically furniture that one uses for working or studying.

"The classroom has about 25 desks, so only 25 students can work in here."

"The desks at work are kind of small. I wish I could use a bigger one."

"This table was given to me by my grandfather. he made the table himself."

so yes, the only commonality is that you can place things on them
Q: The commonality of our situations indicates that ... klingt das natürlich?
A: I corrected to "similarity"
Q: They found a commonality in fishing. klingt das natürlich?
A: Schaue nach der Frage, um die Antwort zu sehen

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