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Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Commuting
und Going to work ?
A: @mujyo92
Both are formal. But in my opinion, commuting sounds better because it adds more beauty to the sentence

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Japan’s rush hour, especially Tokyo and Osaka, is terrible. When I lived in Tokyo I spent more than 2 hours on a round trip to the company everyday. All the trains bound for Tokyo station are over capacity during rush hour. There are station staff, I call them push man, they always push people to close the door. I cannot breath normally, due to the crowd. Commuting time made me more exhaust than long meeting. This is the reason I decided to leave Japan! lol

If you have any ideas or suggestion, especially new words and idiom, please tell me!
I really appreciate your help :)
A: Thank you for your nice advice!

Should I use plural form when I want to say push man?
Because they are not one person...?

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