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Q: In Conan show with Norman Reedus (Title: Norman Reedus Got A Breast Implant), talking about crossbow(in TWD) they say un(?)chewbacca. What is it? Is Chewbacca a Star Wars character? I don't know in what context this comes out.
A: Yes! This is Chewbacca from Star Wars:
Q: On Conan's IG, Jordan Schlansky said "I disagree, I like burgers myself" to the first opinion "burgers are overrated."
At 0:06

1. Does 'myself' at the end of it change the meaning or ton of the sentence?
2. What is the difference between "I like burgers" and "I like burgers MYSELF"?
A: It doesn't change the meaning of the sentence but this word (myself) is used here to emphasized the subject "I". It's a common use for that particular word.
So, "I like burgers" and "I like burgers myself" means the same but in the second sentence you're making emphasis about the subject (If you ask ME, if you want to know MY opinion, as for ME... I do like burgers).
Q: I knew at once that you were Mr. Conan.
この英文のat onceはMr.Conanの次に置くのではないのですか?
A: I knew at once that you were Mr. Conan.が自然ですね。
at onceの置く場所変えても通じなくはないけど、ちょっと不自然です。

すっきりしました!vs しましたすっきり!
リンゴが食べたい!vs 食べたいリンゴが!


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