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Q: Was bedeutet conceive ?
A: Essentially "become pregnant with". Conception happens at the moment the egg is fertilised by the sperm. At this time, a woman can be said to have conceived.
Q: Was bedeutet conceive?
A: It means "to create". Used for when someone has created a baby or created a new thought!
Q: Was bedeutet conceive?
A: 1. The building was conceived in 1989.
2. We’re trying to conceive (delicate way to say we’re trying to have a baby). She was born in June, so she was conceived in September.
3. Can you conceive a world where pigs can fly?
Q: Was bedeutet ill conceived?
A: Not carefully planned. Ex. I did not have time to do my homework today. My day was ill conceived
Q: Was bedeutet conceive ?
A: Conceive has a lot of specific meanings based on context, but it always has something to do with creation. Anything from "God conceived man in his image", to "They conceived a child together" to "Let's conceive a plan together!"

Beispielsätze die "Conceive" benutzen

Q: Bitte zeige mir Beispielsätze mit conceive.
A: In some ways, yes. "com" is a prefix commonly used instead of "con". For example, " combine"

In other definitions, "con" means

"to persuade (someone) to do or believe something, typically by use of a deception."
Q: Bitte zeige mir Beispielsätze mit conceive .
A: He can't convince teacher to his ideas

Convince someone to your views, might be hard

You can't able to convince her?
Q: Bitte zeige mir Beispielsätze mit conceive.
A: The couple wanted to conceive a child.

The project was conceived in 2016.

I can hardly conceive what it must be like.
Q: Bitte zeige mir Beispielsätze mit conceive.
A: "The baby was conceived" "The day she was conceived" "The plan was conceived" "At once he conceived an idea"

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Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen to conceive und to think ?
A: Conceive means you create the idea in your mind. But you can think about something someone else created
Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen conceive und perceive ?
A: perceive means notice, see
He's good at perceiving small important details that others overlook.
The telescope allows us to perceive details not visible to the naked eye.
She's very good at perceiving how others are feeling.
Note: related words: perceptive, perception, perceptible, imperceptible

conceive means form a new thought or idea
It's impossible to conceive of what the future will be like.
She conceived a plan.
Note: related words: concept, conceivable, inconceivable

conceive can also mean become pregnant
She couldn't conceive a child.
Note: related words: conception
Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen conceive und contrive ?
A: "Conceive" means to come up with a new plan. "Contrive" means to do something that is unnatural in order to artificially get the results you want.
"We conceived of a way to encourage new customers to visit the store."
"We contrived a way of counting pedestrians as customers in order to make it look like we had more customers visiting the store."
Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen conceive und pregnant ?
A: @Lukesu
Conceive is the verb, it express the action of conceiving (to become pregnant)
An idea can also be conceived (in this case the use is metaphoric)

Pregnant is an adjective. Pregnant is a lady after she made the action of conceiving a child

Is that clearer? 😁
Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen conceive und consider ?
A: You can conceive an idea and you can consider an idea.

Conceive is to form an idea/plan in your mind, to visualize/imagine something. To consider is to ponder or think carefully about something.

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Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (UK)? conceive
A: Schaue nach der Frage, um die Antwort zu sehen

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Q: I conceive that you are asked out by him tonight. klingt das natürlich?
A: I can tell that you have been asked out by him tonight.

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