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Q: Congressional Record.
if you know what is this, tell me please, are there any abbreviations which i can use?
I mean, are there any abbreviations which can be used in official websites or articles?
A: It is the official record book of debates and proceedings of the US Congress (the House and Senate). The only shortened version I have ever seen for “Congressional Record” is “Cong. Rec.”, often used in citations citing something from the Congressional Record.
Q: Congressional Democrats, still digesting the news that special counsel Robert Mueller did not find President Trump's 2016 campaign or associates conspired with Russia, aren't packing it in just yet.

What does 'packing it in' mean in this context?
A: It means that it's not the final yet.
Q: Congressional investigations nevertheless represent one important tool available to lawmakers to inform the citizenry and to arouse public intrrest in national issues。Can you read this part and send your voice ? then i can copy。thank you
A: Schaue nach der Frage, um die Antwort zu sehen

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