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Q: Was bedeutet contemporaneous?
A: At the same time as

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Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (US)? contemporaneous
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Q: What does "contemporaneous narrator" mean?

Donaldson appears as a critical contemporaneous narrator of some of the most worrisome and tempestuous moments inside the West Wing. She took notes directly from McGahn as he left discussions with Trump, documenting how he railed against and sought to control a criminal investigation that he felt imperiled his presidency.
A: @IveM
Thank you very much for responding.

But I don't think it means "present time" or "modern time".
I "think" it means she was at places and took notes when people like Trump or McGahn was talking.
So the word's nuance may be "simultaneous" or "real-time" in the "past".
But I can't find a right word in Japanese.
So I wanted someone to rephrase it into another expression in English.

Maybe my interpretation is wrong...
If I am wrong, I am sorry...

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