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Q: ( Contexts) In the group chat room.

A :What day are we meeting?
B: Let’s take a show of hands
I will put up the survey.
Everybody participate in the survey
klingt das natürlich?
A: Your grammar is correct on (A) and part (B), you can connect the sentences.

The group chat room, is it online or literally a room.

If it’s a room then,
(B) Let’s take a show of hands (I’m guessing the show of hands is to vote what day the meeting will be)
I will put up a survey for everybody to participate in.

If it’s online,
(B) saying (show of hands) would be inappropriate since you can’t really see them

Let’s vote on what day the meeting will be. (In this sense, it’s given that the people within the chat room will message you the day they want and you can pick which day has more votes.
Q: Contexts are in under this sentences.
My text book says that "we are sharing the bedroom" is correct, but I am confused. I feel correct answer is that "we share the bedroom," because they aren't sharing the bedroom right now, they share the bedroom habitually.
So, what do you think and please tell me reasons.

Whole sentences are here:
I have been living in my cousin's apartment since I arrived here. It is very small, and we are sharing the bedroom. I need my own place,but I haven't found one so far.
A: Both of them sound natural to me. I think you can use either one.
The "are" in "we are sharing the bedroom" refers to the sharing part, not the being in the bedroom. The sharing is constant even if they are not in the bedroom.

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