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Q: Was bedeutet Other contributors include the loss of forests that would otherwise store C02
What is the meaning of "otherwise" here ?
A: The forests are lost (or in danger) so they can't (or wont, in the future) absorb the C02 and help fight climate change. If the forests had never been destroyed (or if they are protected), they could absorb the harmful C02 and give us a helping hand.

"Otherwise" here is necessary to emphasize the fact that the forests are gone (or in immediate danger), but if we had never destroyed them (or if we protect them now) they would absorb damaging C02.
Q: Was bedeutet One of the biggest contributors to methane emissions, food waste is by far the lowest hanging fruit from an environmental perspective?
A: one of the biggest contributors are the things that procedure the most methane emission (type of gas) food waste is one of of the worst things for the environment

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Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen contributor und donor ?
A: well a donor is a much more serious term. for example a heart donor, but a contributor can be someone who helps a group of people or one person for a goal or a cause less serious.

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Q: I was applauded for the contributor in middle the conference. klingt das natürlich?

‎I was applauded for the contribution in middle the conference.
‎I was applauded for my contribution in middle the conference.

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