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Q: Was bedeutet this convo?
A: And the green conversation and saying how the other person is not a good at responding to text and how they cannot have a conversation
Q: Was bedeutet Glad we had this convo.?
A: yep, it's an abbreviation.
Q: Was bedeutet I currently work in a convo I’d be store?
A: looks like a mistype/autocorrect error? I think they mean to say "I currently work in a convenience store"
Q: Was bedeutet convo?
A: Short for conversation
Q: Was bedeutet wrong convo ?
A: This is usually said when somebody has written in the wrong conversation chat box by accident.

"Wrong convo" = "Wrong conversation"

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In this convo, what is person B trying to say?

A: I tend to use such 'sarcastic theatrical' phrases to hopefully lighten the mood.
since it contrasts heavily to how I usually act in person at least

B: it does, considering it would likely just expose to people that you're a theater student or you've just watched some BBC programs recently
A: “(Your use of sarcastic theatrical phrases) does (contrast with how you usually act in person), because it would likely make it obvious to other people that you are a theatrical student, or at least have recently watched watched some BBC programs”
Q: She is quick to have a convo and is really on the ball. klingt das natürlich?
A: It's not grammatically incorrect, but the two points don't seem to have to do with one another. Being "on the ball" means that you're really productive, and it usually only applies to chores or work (e.g., I was really on the ball today and finished cleaning every room in the house!).

Also, I think it would be more natural to say "she is quick to make conversation" — "convo" is really informal and is rarely used by people I know.
Q: Bitte zeig mir, wie man After that, the convo was over. ausspricht.
A: Note: I said conversation because convo is not gramatically correct :^)

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