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Q: Can you correcte my text ? I have to write in the conditional and I have to be original! Thank you!
My perfect holiday would be in Morocco with the girl that I am in loved. I would go to morocco because i am moroccan and the girl that i am in loved too. I would go to Tanger because is my city that I am come from. I would go in the hotel kenzi solazur because it is on the seafront. I would like to eat briouates, it is a traditional moroccan dish. I am more comfortable with package holiday because I don’t really like think by me for doing something I prefer facilities. I want to go in the restaurant in Tanger in the city center and I would like to make my engagement request there . I am very attached to Tangier because all my family is there and it would be a dream to be there. I would like to be at a beach in Tangier with the girl I'm in love with and I would eat chickpeas, which is very common in Morocco . I also love Tangier with its perfect 28 degree weather forecast .
A: Thank you a lot 🙏🏻
Q: C’est correcte?
A: En anglais ou on français car vous demandez en anglais, pas français
Q: can you correcte my text please for school ;)
A: My name is Adil. My surname is Boumina; I am from Belgium. I live in Charleroi. I am 14 years old. My birthday is on the 26th of April. I speak French and I study English and Dutch. My hobby is playing tennis. In my spare time, I play video games and listen to music. My username on ps4 is Jirei. I like fish and chips and pasta . I love to travel, and Amsterdam has become one of my favorite cities. I am very lazy. I would like to be an airline pilot in the future. I would love to meet you soon!

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