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Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Creases and wrinkles.
I read that the difference is one is accidentally or natural. One is in the skin and others in clothes but I have both related in the same sentence und "Creases in the face that would one day in proper wrinkles but for now were just enough to make him interesting" ?
A: They are pretty similar. I don't think it's accidental vs. natural

For skin (especially your face): "wrinkles" = more common.
In that example sentence: "creases" = describing the lines as shallow. Then they will become deeper (turn into proper wrinkles) as the person gets older.

For clothes: wrinkles = lots of random lines, because the clothes were crumpled in a suitcase or thrown on the floor. Wrinkled clothes = messy.
Creases = a single/few lines, or a deliberate line. For example: a crease in a pant leg = someone ironed a line there on purpose.

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