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Q: Was bedeutet In CSI Season 1 Ep1, Greg says, “I've got to warn you, oral swabs don't always read right. Vaginal swabs? No problem. Anal swabs? Money.” What does “money” mean in this conversation??
A: I am not sure about the context, but it sounds like they mean “anal swabs” would pretty much be the perfect evidence. “money” here is slang like “right on the money” and would mean something like this is perfect, awesome, etc.

Basketball: His shot is money today. It’s been going in all night.
Q: Was bedeutet CSI been over it ? (it s a line from a movie just dont understand ‘be over’ indicate that they have been here or not .... is it correct?)?
A: Asking if someone has “been over it” means if they have reviewed it or not.

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Q: While watching a CSI episode, I was just curious. When it comes to weapons, do they(blunt instrument, blunt weapon, blunt object) mean pretty much the same?
A: sure they are
Q: I was watching a CSI episode, and I can't figure out what it means.

There is a motel and the power went out. So the air conditioning is

not working. One of the tenants complains about this.

And the detective says, "We're working on it, ma'am. We'll have

something up very soon, okay?"

So my question is.... what does "have something up" mean?

A: I believe in this case it could mean that they have a solution for the problem and they will fix it very soon. I'm not entirely sure myself, but I hope it helps anyway :)

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