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Q: csn anybody explain the differences between the phrases below? hoe do you use them differently in context?

i didn't know that!
i didn't see it coming!
it never occured to me!

A: I didn't know that = something I didn't know.
"Oh, is that how you're supposed to use this app? I didn't know that."

I didn't see it coming = something I didn't expect.
"The teacher suddenly gave us a pop quiz today on yesterday's lesson! I didn't see it coming and did miserably on it because I fell asleep in class yesterday and didn't get to take any notes at all."

It never occurred to me = something I never thought of.
"I always see her eating salads, but it never occurred to me that she's actually a vegetarian."
Q: csn i exchange this watch for a watch with another size? klingt das natürlich?
A: Can I exchange this watch for another size?
Q: csn anybody help with this?
in this youtube video, at around 2:17, one guy(conan) asked "has it not?" and the other one replied "i'd like ....".
i can't understand what he exactly said... please let me know~~
A: he says "I'd like that to remain personal"
Q: csn i say 'give me a break' when my teacher is speaking too fast? klingt das natürlich?
A: Have a heart is pleading to someone to be kind or to forgive you. To use both you could say.... Im struggling with this homework. Please just give me a break. Im begging you to have a heart. However have a heart isn't that common of a phrase now-a-days.

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