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Q: CTI"Factory" was founded in 2005. This place an example of harmonious neighborhood representatives of various creative professions-from designers and architects to directors, animators and musicians. In the vast industrial space is a place for everyone. Thus, the Factory" is divided into several thematic areas. Large, bright room"olivier" can be used for exhibitions, performances and theater productions. The space"Arthouse" created for the screenings. "Finishes shop" for festivals, fairs, concerts. In addition, there isan assembly hall"Residence-a specially equipped place for the preparation of a variety of creative projects, even where you can live if you wish. On the territory of the base and numerous companies,among them-acreative association"Kultproekt" fototseh, publishing, advertising agency, artists' studios, culinary theater«Teatro Del Gusto and many others. klingt das natürlich?
A: You need a space before leading quotes. Additionally, you do not need to quote proper names for something. Capitalization is sufficient. Towards the bottom you began (but did not end) a quote with « which is not used in English. We only use the double (") and single (') tics to signify quotes.

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