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Q: Was bedeutet cypher?
A: : 'cypher' may mean a technique to rewrite something meaningful into something else completely meaningless, in a way that, knowing that technique, you can turn back the nonsensical message into its rational original. An example: 'Enigma was the name of a cypher mechanical device designed in Germany during WW2 to cypher written communication between the military' (as you see 'to cypher' is also a verb with the same meaning as the noun). 'cypher' may also call the nonsensical message itself: 'the intelligence took two months to crack the cypher'.
Two less used meanings of 'cypher' are 1) somebody or something insignificant ('the www part of a URL is a cypher in order to recognize a source on the Internet'), and 2) the initial letters of both somebody's given and family name, sometimes composed with some sort of illustration, to make the logo of a company, brand, product ... ('the great man loved to have a tailor embroider his cypher on his handmade shirts').
Talking about your YouTube reference, here's an example: 'the song lyrics are not the cypher of a nonsensical text, it's the original', or 'to understand the song cypher you need to ask its author'. Seriously, I wasn't able to understand the reference to 'cypher' in the song (maybe the author needed just a filling in the song and he couldn't envision anything better than declaring exactly the purpose of the row ('I kept rhymin(g)') and confessing the lyrics are nonsense ('stepped ... in the next cypher' as in 'I wrote nonsense under false pretences of the cypher of a text which would have something important to say'), and therefore in itself insignificant ('... cypher' indeed)).
Q: Was bedeutet I stepped right into the next cypher?
A: I googled it - if you mean from Eminem’s song “Lose it” - he’s saying he went right into the next lyric. But with rap lyrics they’re like poetry so I wouldn’t use them in a regular sentence unless you’re actually stepping with your feet.
Q: Was bedeutet cypher?
A: A type of code or the way to solve a code.

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Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (US)? cypher
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Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (US)? i don't know what is 'cypher'
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Q: Bitte zeig mir, wie man cypher ausspricht.
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