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Q: Was bedeutet Donations have atrophied.?
A: To "atrophy" means to decrease.
Q: Was bedeutet Donations are currently being accepted for the annual office charity drive. In this sentence, donations are being accepted to hold the charity drive??
A: @H-oon

In this sentence, the donations will go toward the charity.

It seems that once a year this office holds a charity drive, which means they promote the charity and make it easy for employees to donate to the charity.
Q: Was bedeutet Donations for the annual charity drive are being accepted by representaives in each department. Does this sentence mean that the representatives are giving their own donations? ?
A: It means that a company has many departments, media, HR, communications etc. In each of these areas there is a reprsentative (a volunteer) that has agreed to collect donations from all the employees in those departments.

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Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Donations have decreased significantly over the past few years. und The number of new students decreased from 210 to 160 this year. ?
A: “Why doesn’t the upper need...”

The number of donations has decreased... ✔️
The number - has

Donations have decreased...✔️
Donations - have

The number of new students decreased...✔️
The number - has

New students have decreased...✖️
Students have decreased?
A person or animal cannot decrease. But an amount (of people or animals) can decrease.

Hope this helps!

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