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Q: Was bedeutet Federal review ?
A: It is being reviewed by the federal government or agency at the national level. As opposed to a State / local government or agency.
It's about the different tiers/levels of government, local or national.
Q: Was bedeutet Federal program?
A: Yes, it would be. However, in America, we call those types of programs “welfare programs” or sometimes “government assistance.”
Q: Was bedeutet Federal taxes ?
A: Taxes you have to pay to the national government.

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Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Federal department und Federal agency ?
A: federal department is one of the key organizations in the federal government and has a secretary who leads it.

Federal agency is an independent organization or an organization that is part of a larger department.

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Q: Federal Indian reservations are generally exempt from state jurisdiction, except when Congress specifically authorizes such jurisdiction.
It means that a native american reservation is managed by a federally recognized Indian tribe under the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs rather than the state governments of the United States. klingt das natürlich?
A: Only 3 corrections:
authorises (British spelling)
It means that a native American reservation ... (capitalisation)
federally-recognised (hyphenation + British spelling)
Q: That would force the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, and push up government-borrowing costs. So far, though, there is little sign of that. Inflation is oddly soggy; the Fed cut rates three times last year.

Q. What does it mean by "oddly soggy?" Considering the sentence that follows that phrase, I think inflation hasn't gone up to hit the country badly yet. soggy...basically inflation isn't formed or hardened yet with the support of the Fed?
A: Soggy as corn flakes...flat, in the bottom (of the bowl), not showing signs of life.
Q: A top U.S. Federal Reserve official said on Monday the economy is doing well.
What does the "on Monday" means here? And give me some sentences, thank you!
A: Monday is when he said it
I'm going to her house on Monday
we had a chat on Monday
I have to go to work on monday
Q: Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said, " the case to increase interest rates is getting strong."
Q: What does the exact meaning of "case" here?
A: it means the arguments or reasons why they want to increase interest rates

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