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Q: Was bedeutet float away?
A: be carried away (on water or on the air.)
The leaves floated away.
The boat floated away on the lake.
Q: Was bedeutet float due to collection ?
Collection float is the money from a check deposit in a bank that appears on paper, but won’t actually be available money until after the check clears the bank.

👦🏻Mary, please pay this bill.
👩🏼I can’t, we don’t have the money.
👦🏻What?!? Accounting says we have the money.
👩🏼I just deposited those checks this morning. We don’t have the money yet. It’s just in the computer.
👦🏻Ok well wait a few days and pay it then please.
Q: Was bedeutet float on the cloud?
A: Floating in the clouds in an expression (which I don't hear people say much often these days).

It just means that they're extremely happy. Maybe something good happened to them.

Another expression is

"I'm on cloud 9" which is basically the same thing
Q: Was bedeutet float the company?
A: A company's float is the number of shares it has issued to the public for buying, selling, and trading.
Q: Was bedeutet float on?
A: Usually it means to be on top of water. Like a boat. Without sinking

Sometimes it means to continue as you are doing without changing, like a boat would float on after some trouble, without stopping

Beispielsätze die "Float" benutzen

Q: Bitte zeige mir Beispielsätze mit float.
A: I floated on the river all day.
We bought inflatable floats to use on the river during summer.
Q: Bitte zeige mir Beispielsätze mit float.
A: I float on the water. There is a parade float on its way. I float in midair! His thoughts float away.

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Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen float und levitate und hover ?
A: That’s a good question! Well, all three basically mean to rise/move upwards.

There are a couple of differences luckily!

Float is generally a “natural” effect as opposed to levitation, which is usually magical. A balloon will float in the air, a person can float in water. In contrast, a magician might make someone levitate.

Hovering is similar to float, it’s not really magical, but it requires effort. While it might take no energy to float in water (for a person at least), a bee has to work hard to hover above the ground. A hovercraft doesn’t stay suspended in the air unless the fans are working at full speed.

Hope this helps!
Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen float und drift ?
A: As verbs the difference between drift and float. is that drift is (label) to move slowly, especially pushed by currents of water, air, etc while float is (lb) of an object or substance, to be supported by a liquid of greater density than the object so as that part of the object or substance remains above the surface.
Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen float down und sink ?
A: Float=to rise above/stay on top of a surface
Sink=to fall beneath a surface

Float down doesn't work because it contradicts itself
Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen float und drift ?
A: Float is when something isn't moving on top the water. Drift is when something that is floating moves across the water slowly.

The leaf floats on the water.

The leaf drifts down (or across) the river.

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Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (US)? float
A: Schaue nach der Frage, um die Antwort zu sehen
Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (US)? float
A: Like this !
Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (UK)? float through means in Hindi
taar kar
teraki ( swimming ) k zriye se...

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Q: in this float competition who are the man and lady in the last picture.
A: The chain the man is wearing makes him look like the mayor of the town. The way the lady is holding his arm makes it look like she's close to him, like a mother or wife. So if there's no other context in the rest of the story, I'd guess it's the mayor and the mayor's wife.
Q: Bitte zeig mir, wie man to float past ausspricht.
A: Schaue nach der Frage, um die Antwort zu sehen
Q: float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee klingt das natürlich?
A: × float like a butterfly.
✓ I float like a butterfly,

× Sting like a bee
✓ sting like a bee

One sentence. And I added a subject (I).
Q: “You’ll float too” explain me this sentence. Doe it mean that you will fly or smth, or relates with water??
A: Look up buoyancy, density, fluid.
A ship floats in water. A person can float in water. Wood floats in water. Stones sink in water. (to sink is the opposite of to float)
A hot air balloon floats in the air.

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