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Q: Was bedeutet any importer or manufacturer which intends to supply any registerable goods may apply , in such form and manner as may be prescribed, to the Director

Can anyone explain the meaning of 'may' and 'may be ' in this context ? ?
A: 'may' means that there is a possibility it can apply and 'may be' is just another way of saying can be
Q: Was bedeutet Two American importers missed a federal judge's deadline for responding to a complaint by seven cambodian laborers allegedly exploited while working in Tailand's seafood industry.?
A: Seven Cambodian laborers alleged that they were exploited while working in Thailand's seafood industry. The sued their employer, two American importers, in federal court. The court ordered the two American importers to respond to the law suit (complaint) by a certain date. The American importers did not respond by the date the judge ordered.

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Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen we can not to buy only from a importer und we can get to buy only from a importer ?
A: I'm not sure about the meaning of your examples. They're not quite grammatically correct. It sounds like you are comparing:

1. We can't buy except from an importer.
2. We can only buy from an importer.

These have the same meaning. The only difference is #1 uses a negative with "can't" so you have to use something like "except" to get the correct meaning. #2 is more direct so it is more likely to be used.

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Q: does it sound natural ?

We are importers of tennis shoes since 1985 and we possess the chain of stores in Italy.

siamo importatori di scarpe da tennis dal 1985 e possediamo una catena di negozi in Italia.
A: We have been importing tennis shoes since 1985 and we own a chain of stores in Italy
Q: We are importers in the textile trade and would like to get in touch with suppliers of this line. klingt das natürlich?
A: You can just say "We are importers in the textile trade and would like to get in touch with suppliers." It's understood they must be suppliers in your industry.

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