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Q: Was bedeutet Maybot has finally morphed into Lino: Leader in Name Only (from The Guardian)?
A: OK, so Maybot = Angela May
this is referring, I believe, to the trope where scifi fantasy robot type things assume a more awesome ultimate form, e.g. when the video game villain turns into the super-powerful mode for the final boss fight.

but it's used ironically to mean the opposite -- the article is saying that May has finally reached the final ultimate form of her powers .. which is to have absolutely no power at all. this opposite/ironic phrasing has an effect of mocking her.

[ ]INO is an acronym where the INO stands for in name only, as the article states. I've seen this in US politics, e.g. someone may be called a DINO -- democrat in name only. What that means is that technically the person may be a member of the democratic party, in all of their actions they are functionally a republican. so the only way in which they are a democrat is that they call themself a democrat.

Q: Was bedeutet Maybot has finally morphed into Lino: Leader in Name Only?
A: I posted an answer to this yesterday — did you not receive it?? It was long :(

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