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Q: Was bedeutet "momentous"?
A: It’s a fancy word for very significant or important. “Momentous occasion” is a common fixed expression in English. It just means very significant/important event, like the first Moon landing for example.
Q: Was bedeutet momentous ?
A: "Very important". It's a very formal word, and sounds like, "This is a moment that will always be remembered."

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Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen momentous und significant ?
A: As adjectives, the difference between significant and momentous is that significant is signifying something; carrying meaning.

While momentous is outstanding in importance and of great consequence.
Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen momentous und important und eventful und significant ?
A: Important can be anything even a person with a higher value than others.
Momentous is an event that has a memorable and important effect on the future. Like knocking down the Berlin Wall.
Eventful means a lot happening. "I had an eventful day."
Significant means meaningful. A significant number of people means a large number of people. A significant change in the law means that it is a big change.

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