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Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen repulsion und revulsion ?
A: They both mean the same emotion, but repulsion can also mean "to be physically pushed backward."

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Q: I felt a strong repulsion about him.
I felt a strong repulsion of him.
I felt a strong repulsion toward him.

Which is correct? Thank you.
A: @gogglenglish
" I felt a strong repulsion towards him."
Or you could even say, "I felt repulsed by him." "Repulse" is a pretty strong word by itself, so you don't have to use "strong" with it.
Q: I am writing to inform you of my repulsion on boarding the trains of your renowned company again. Let me get straight to the point: I was given an outrageous service on my journey and I really hope to receive a refund from your company as soon as possible. klingt das natürlich?
A: Try 'esteemed'. It can be read as a compliment but also sarcastically.
Q: I have a slight repulsion to eat the octopus's brain because it has body fluids. klingt das natürlich?
A: It sounds fine, but I might use the word "contains" instead of "has" body fluids. Also, this sentence is off-putting, as most people do not want to visualize body fluids.

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