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Q: Was bedeutet have you ever been paid for sex??
A: Yes, the passive is caused by the past tense form but also by the word 'been.'
The passive is a combination of:
1. a form of 'be' that is appropriate for the sentence structure. (tense, agreement, etc.)
2. the past participle of another verb (usually the same as the past tense form, like "paid" here.)

But the 'have you ever' structure also requires a verb in past participle form, because it is a special case of the perfect form, which uses "have." So we have active voice:
"Have you ever paid money for sex?" - "paid" is past participle because of "have." This is about paying money.
Vs. passive voice:
"Have you ever been paid money for sex?" - "been" is past participle because of "have." "paid" is past participle because of "been." This is about getting money.

As you can see, the form of each verb depends on the previous verb in the verb phrase. I hope that makes sense.
Q: Was bedeutet alleged sex trafficker ?
A: Sex trafficking is human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, including sexual slavery. A victim is forced, in one of a variety of ways, into a situation of dependency on their trafficker(s) and then used by said trafficker(s) to give sexual services to customers.

An alleged sex trafficker is someone who does the above to another person, without proof, to have taken place or to have a specified illegal or undesirable quality.
~Hope this helps~
Q: Was bedeutet she is so lax about sex' ?
A: Lax is short for relaxed. So when someone is lax about something, they are very laid back and casual about it. They almost don't seem to care. So, if she is so lax about sex, she doesn't really care about who she has sex with or doesn't have shame talking about it.
Q: Was bedeutet make-up sex?
A: To have sex after an argument. To "make up" after the fight by having sex
Q: Was bedeutet "...which often drives the fair sex round the twist poor things"?
A: So I think it means: it often drives women crazy, the poor things

Beispielsätze die "Sex" benutzen

Q: Bitte zeige mir Beispielsätze mit sex.
A: Sex is not used often, usually slang for sex is instead. Unless you mean biological gender.

Here's how you could use it,

"I want to have sex with you"
"We shouldn't talk about sex"
"Sex is all people think about"
Q: Bitte zeige mir Beispielsätze mit How you lovely sex.
A: that's not a correct English sentence
Q: Bitte zeige mir Beispielsätze mit sex.
A: Like using sex as sex or using it for gender?
Q: Bitte zeige mir Beispielsätze mit sex.
A: sex as in Sexual activity?

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Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen have sex und make love ?
A: no difference. "make love" is the more romantic/dramatic way of saying it
Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen sex appeal und sexy ?
A: @Xillkixx

A good question

They mean the same thing; but,

"Sex Appeal" has the effect of distancing, or de-personalising the sexiness.

Since sexiness is a very personal, and potentially threatening thing, it's helpful to have terms you can use to discuss it that are non-threatening.

So, while one person, or a few friends, could agree that a pop star is "sexy"

A large group of people who don't know each other could agree that the pop star has Sex Appeal.
Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen sex und gender ?
A: Sex is biological and one is born with it. There are two sexes (male and female) or intersex (rare cases). Gender is what one identifies themselves as sociologically and internally, and in society. The majority of people’s gender is in alignment with their biological sex, but many people also differ in these two aspects of their identity.
Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen sex und gender ?
A: Sex is determined by whether you have two x chromosomes (female) or an x and y chromosome (male). Gender is considered by some as a social construct. A trans person can have two x chromosomes but identify as a male.
Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen sex und gender ?
A: They are the same. But sex has many more different uses aside from just meaning just gender.

Übersetzungen von "Sex"

Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (US)? 성범죄자들은 기운없이 걷는 여자들을 1순위로 노린대

Does it sound natural? Feel free to paraphrase differently if you understood my intention.
A: Sex offenders target women who seem lethargic, the most.
Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (US)? If I want to recognize the sex of the person, how should I say? Is he a lady? Is she a lady?
A: yes. nowadays, it's considered actually rude to directly say "oh, are you a girl or a boy?" because people can be identified outside that "girl or boy" box. which is why instead of asking about their sex, we tend to ask about their pronouns instead so that we can refer to them in a way that they're comfortable with.
Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (UK)? "I got a sex buddy through a dating chat room." Does this English natural?
A: We don't really use "Sex buddy". "Sex friend" is more common, probably the origin of the slang セフレ。
Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (US)? do you like sex?
A: kiya aap ko sambhog pasand hai ?
Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (US)? what do you mean about sex

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Q: If you keep advocating with gay sex by insisting the logic of "Love is Love", and
then Could "bestiality" be a part of love as well?? klingt das natürlich?
A: you allright im not judging thats perfectly normal in some circles 😆
Q: How long have you been since you had sex with a guy? klingt das natürlich?
A: Very close! I would say
"How long has it been since you have had sex with a guy?"
Q: Bitte zeig mir, wie man seeks, six, sex [siks, sɪks, sɛks] ausspricht.
A: Schaue nach der Frage, um die Antwort zu sehen
Q: "He fucked up. he was busted during having sex with a jailbait by her parents. she also went behind him." klingt das natürlich?
A: "He fucked up. He was caught having sex with some jailbait. On top of that, I hear he was caught by her parents. She also went behind his back."

The last sentence doesn't have any relevance to the information given so I'd omit it if I were you.
Q: If I want to imply I am having sex, does "I am swaying my bed" make sense to native speakers?
A: Well, you could be explicit. But if you're looking for a more slangy type answer, "getting laid" is pretty popular. There are also tons of euphemisms that people use. I recommend that you do a search for "euphemisms for sex" if you are interested.

If you have someone at your house and you get interrupted by a friend, you could tell them "I have a girl/guy over." It's polite and your friend would get the message.

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