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Beispielsätze die "Subsist" benutzen

Q: Bitte zeige mir Beispielsätze mit subsist.
A: They subsisted on bread and water. Nothing else.

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Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen subsist und sustain und survive ?
A: Subsist and survive are mostly the same, however subsist is used most often in casual speech to refer to a diet ("he subsisted on meat alone for 3 months"), whereas survival is used more generally.

Sustain means to continue, which can be similar to survival, but also includes non-living activities ("she was able to sustain that song for 20 minutes").
Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen subsist und exist ?
A: Both mean something like "to be/ have life" but 'subsist' includes the meaning of surviving/ maintaining (life, state, etc.). You usually only hear subsist in survival situations.

"What's the largest animal to exist?"
"I don't believe monsters really exist."
"Existing only to stay alive can be difficult."

"Others tried to break them up, but their love subsisted."
"Prisoners were forced to subsist on little food."
"Low class families often have to subsist on government programs."

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