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Q: Was bedeutet Upgrade?
A: actualização

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Q: 私の以前の質問(で冠詞"the"の使用方法について尋ねたのですが、まだ理解しきれません。

文1. Upgrade it to the version 2.0.
文2. Upgrade it to version 2.0.

上記の文1は誤りであり、文2が正しいとのことですが、なぜversion 2.0に対してはtheが要らないのですか?

versionsの中からversion 2.0をただひとつに特定するのでtheを付ける文1が正しいと思っていましたが、この考え方は間違っているようです。どのように冠詞theの有無を決定するのでしょうか。

回答者は "Sentence 2 is grammatically correct." と答えてくださいましたが、この場合の"Sentence 2"を"The sentence 2"とするのも誤りですか?

また、前述の質問内で私は「theという言葉」という意味でをthe word "the"と記述しました。
このthe word "the"という表現は冠詞theから始まっていますが、theを取り除いてword "the"というのは誤りですか?

なぜ"version 2.0"と"sentence 2"にtheを付けるのが誤りで、the word "the"にはtheを付けるのが正しいのか分かりません。
・数あるversionsの中からversion 2.0を特定。
・数あるsentencesの中からsentence 2を特定。


A: Article usage is not really an issue of grammar, it is rather a question of logic. The correct way to think about it is not whether "the version 2" is grammatically correct or not, but whether it is appropriate for the context. Let me give you an example:
A. Upgrade to version 2.
B. The one that got released yesterday?
A. No, that one was released in error. Upgrade to the version 2 from today.

Why is "the version 2" correct in this case? Because from context we find out that there were multiple versions 2 released, so now it becomes necessary to use an article to identify which particular version 2 we are talking about.

That said, why is using "the" inappropriate in a general case? Because logically we treat the whole of "version 2" as a name, and we do not usually use articles with proper nouns (unless the context calls for it, of course, but that would be pretty exotic usage, or unless an article happens to be a part of the name to begin with). You can use MS Windows versions as an analogy: we say "Upgrade to Windows 10", not "Upgrade to the Windows 10", right?

If you change "version 2" to "second version", then it isn't a name anymore, we look at it as just an adjective+noun, so in that case you would most definitely have to say "the second version".

Thus, I have to reiterate, this isn't about grammar, but about perception on the part of the speaker and the listener. This is also why "the word 'the'" requires the article -- it is not perceived as a proper noun.

You may of course wonder if there are any rules about correctly perceiving various expressions you might be using. Unfortunately, I can't really formulate any rules. All I can tell you that it will come to you after years of experience with English. In the end, it's something you will have to learn to feel, rather than think about logically.

If it makes you feel any better, Japanese has a very similar aspect that is as difficult to grasp for foreign learners as English articles are for Japanese speakers: it is, of course, the differentiation between は and が particles.
Q: Which is grammatically correct?
1. Upgrade it to the version 2.0.
2. Upgrade it to version 2.0.
A: Sentence 2 is grammatically correct.
Q: Upgrade your stmina if you take your work for a lifetime. klingt das natürlich?
A: Schaue nach der Frage, um die Antwort zu sehen

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