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Q: Was bedeutet verbiage

A: Specifically a large amount of unnecessary and complicated words I believe
Q: Was bedeutet 'economical with verbiage'?
A: It is old English and means lying

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Q: Hello 👋🏻, I want to know if this verbiage sounds natural and NICE to the Cx. I’m a call center representative by the way.
[Situation: Cx didn’t receive the credits he was promised for his trade-in for 6 months, I resolve the issue and he will get them. Now, Cx is asking if he would receive the 6 months’ credits all at once in the next bill after saying credits are retroactive]

Me: “When I say that these credits are retroactive, I mean that you will get them in 36 months as it was agreed in the commitment, even if in this case, you will finish paying your installments (equipment).”

Thank you <3
A: I don't believe "retroactive" is the word that you're looking for since it generally means they will get money now for something that happened in the past.

If they have to wait a few months for their money, it's more accurate to call it something like a delayed or withheld refund.

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