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Q: Was bedeutet "vid" in "Uh, what's the vid?"?
A: vid is usually short for video
Q: Was bedeutet my first vid?
A: My first video

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Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen She looks cute with this vid tho und She looks cute in this vid tho ?
A: “With” means accompanied by another person or thing. And in means to be inside something. So for this, she is inside the photo, not accompanied by it.

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Q: This vid is too hard for me.
Please help me with the script. I've tried my best to reduce the number of blanks I meant to ask for help.
This is for my assignment.
The video is only about 6m.
I would really appreciate your time.
Thank you!
And wish you health and happiness :)
A: 0:18 So we are a country founded on a principle
0:30 In 2004, 79% of us called ourselves optimistic we are now down to 50%.
0:37 About 20% of us will experience a mood disorder in our lives
0:44 25% of our women are taking SSRIs and antidepressants
0:53 and more of 40% of our sexes admit that they eat just to try and make themselves happy
1:19 Well, in the pre paparazzi days, pre-reality TV, pre-facebook
1:28 While my job is pretty good, I’m not comparing it while I look at Donald Trump Bill Gates.
1:59 If your aspirations and your assets keep pace
2:10 relationships do it, stress does it, anything that dampens a fascinating MRI scan
2:24 when you are distracted by something, you are happy across 4 different brain regions, and this is the case even when researchers put people in MRIs
2:52 we’ve always been taught money can’t buy you happiness, we used to think only rich people said that by the way, cause I think you have to have meaning to your money. But in the article, you said maybe you can buy happiness with money. Certainly gives you options.
It means that you can choose for yourself if money lets you buy happiness or if it doesn’t.
3:09 They say you hid a satiation point
3:42 people have to wear with all the grit to get up, to tolerate and , to go across the world.
3:52 alphabet soup of names for the genes. But two different genes have turned up to have greater concentration and in immigrant populations, and the genes that code for risk tolerance, that code for an appetite for novelty, that code for enjoyment of the seeking of behaviour not even necessarily just achieving the pursuit; and that’s where we get pursuit of happiness from.
4:18 So we have hot housed that immigrant temperament here and 238 years later, it’s still with us.
4:27 Would you say we look at genetic code of those people who are non-immigrants, they could find that whether they had the immigrant gene or not?
4:40 collectivist cultures there’s something to be said for those say of the far east And those, they have their own very particular values.
4:49 I mean all of us, it’s in a sense very apparent to me when we talk to people about find something you’re passionate about and if, because you’re passionate about your work, that can greatly influence a success. and be happiness (i think he meant be happy)
5:03 That’s right and some other that, one of other features in our covered package is quotes from famous people, and steve jobs said ‘if you haven’t found the thing that makes you happy to go to work in the morning, find something else because you won’t be good at it until you’re happy with it.
5:16 And don’t do it in moderation! And a good relationship is always in good (?)
A good relationship is always in good everything everything. Yeah.
This is our running argument between Charlie and I in the pursuit of happiness about, about whether he is moderate or right out the window. She thinks there’s things you should be moderate about, and I actually agree with her, but I also think there’s a lot to be passionate about.
You’ll be thrilled. I mean be able to say , I would do this even if I wouldn’t get paid for it. We are blessed.
I really like our job a lot. You can stop talking now Jeffrey.
I won’t be going to fantasy land. I won’t be phoning Time Magazine. Let me keep my current payroll.
Q: You look stunning (in/on/at) this vid

Which is correct?
Q: both are fine?

there was only her throughout the vid
there was only her through the vid
A: Both would most likely be understood, but the first one on top is better. I would use "throughout" because of the context
Q: Could you tell me what she says in this vid?
A: At 19:27~19:29 she says “Because I know it has not been an easy time for her either.”

At 21:43~21:58 the overall conversation is about how most people believe that Laura is the one getting lots of musical roles and the mc asking who wouldn't want her in their musical with her jokingly responding that someone popped into her mind and that she wouldn't say their name because it would not be a nice thing to do.

At 23:17 she does in fact say “Oh, you're asleep?”

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