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Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Visitors must not park here. und Visitors may not park here. ?
A: @rosewater

They are basically the same.

Must not = 禁止
May not = 不可
Q: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Visitors und company ?
A: Visitor is someone who goes to a certain place to do/see somethong/someone. Company is someone who is with you, someone who is accompanying you. You could be at a party or the street.

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Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (US)? Visitors are supposed to knock the first to be entertained.

Is this natural?
A: It's not right. I think you might mean "Visitors are supposed to (or should) knock first before entering." Meaning they should knock before going inside.

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Q: To do or doing. Which one is right?

1. Visitors [to leave/leaving] the building are reminded to give their visitor's pass to the receptionist in the robby.

2. The way [to get/getting] things done more efficiently is to do right thing.
A: Visitors leaving the building - 건물을 나가는 방문객들
Visitors to leave the building - 방문객들이 건물을 나가게

To leave 를 사용하면 문장이 이상해집니다.
Q: Visitors must not bring cameras, smartphones, voice recoders and other kind of photograph or recording devices into the facility without the prior consent of the company.
Visitors must not photograph, videotape, or otherwise make any record of or preserve any confidential information to which they may be given access during the facility tour. klingt das natürlich?
A: Visitors are not allowed to bring cameras, smartphones, voice recoders or any other kind of photographic or recording devices into the facility without the prior consent of the company.
Visitors are also prohibited from taking photographs, make any recordings or save any of the confidential information to which they may be given access to during the tour of the facility.
Q: Visitors to ancient capital of Thailand are able to experience the past , by contemporary technologies.
Virtual reality shows us trade relationship early in the 17th century between Thailand and Japan, and a japanese town of those days lived about 1500 people.

This project has been carried out thanks to thailand and Japan association based on bangkok.

Guests of both country including the queen Maha of Thailand, took part in a ceremony in a park addressed in the site of former japanese town. klingt das natürlich?
A: add "the" after "to"
no comma after past
change " relationship" to "relationships"
switch " early in the" to "in the early"
take away the "and" that is after japan,
change "in" to "at" and add "the" after "of" ( addressed at the site of the former japanese town)
Q: Visitors to the zoo are asked not to... the lions.
A: To make fun for some thing example you have some food and you have it in your hands and you are standing in front of a dog and you don't give it to the dog until it starts to beg
Q: Visitors need to procedure at general reception on 1st floor as visiting patient's room. klingt das natürlich?
A: Need further clarification. Is what you're trying to say "The procedure for visitors is to check in at General Reception on the 1st floor before visiting the patient's room"?

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