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Q: Was bedeutet “You have to reach the voicemail box to (phone number)"
I mean, if I hear this sentence when I'm trying to call someone (in my case who lives in LA) what does it mean? Is he not unavailable at the moment? the number doesn't exist anymore? etc?
A: Does it say:

You have reached the voicemail box of (phone number).

It means that either he's not answering the phone (if it rings for a while), or his phone is busy or switched off (if it goes straight to the voicebox.)
Q: Was bedeutet i have you figured for voicemail breakup douche?
A: The person is insulting 'you' with the vulgar word 'douche' because he/she is offended that the relationship was ended through voicemail.

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Q: Bitte zeige mir Beispielsätze mit How do I leave a voicemail? (Collecting department)💸

Status: Due, at risk of cancellation, cancelled.

I should include (greeting, customer’s name, company, and the reason why I’m calling).

Love ya.❤️.
A: Hello, this is Tom Smith calling from XYZ Bank. I am calling to inform you that your mortgage with us is at risk of default. Please contact us as soon as possible at 1-800-687-2133 to discuss your options. If we don't hear from you by noon tomorrow February 12 2021, we will repossess your house without further notice. Thank you.

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Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (US)? I am interested in this voicemail but i want it also in my native language.

Is this sentence correct?
A: I am interested in this voicemail but i *also* *want* it in my native language.
Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (US)? I got your voicemail
I heard voicemail
A: thank you 😊

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Q: I am exchanging voicemails with a native speaker and I tell him: leave a voicemail in Spanish for me to correct it/ leave a voicemail in Spanish in order for me to correct it / leave a voicemail in Spanish so (that) I can correct it. I know I can say those sentences in all of those different ways. My question is, am I missing another way of saying those sentences in a more natural English? Or are they natural? Thanks!

leave me a voicemail in spanish and I’ll correct it.
Q: Could you please read this as if you were leaving a voicemail in real life? When I say this a sound like a robot haha

Hi my name is Daniel i saw a an ad for a house for rent I’d like to get a little more information please call me back at your earliest convenience at 0173738228
A: Here's how I'd say it:

Hi my name is Daniel. i saw your ad for a house for rent I’d like to get a little more information Would you give me a call at 0173738228? Thanks very much.
Q: So do I just wait till she calls me back? I left her a voicemail klingt das natürlich?
A: So should I just wait until she calls me back? I left her a voicemail.

That’s the more formal way to say it. But if you say it how you originally had it, it’s not incorrect, just a bit more casual.

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