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Q: Was bedeutet wright?
A: a maker or builder.

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Q: Wie sagt man das auf Englisch (US)? wright
A: Schaue nach der Frage, um die Antwort zu sehen

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Q: I want to know how to wright a name in business letter.
I think "Dear Mr.Last name" is normal.
But If I want to wright full name,
is it OK to wright "Dear Mr.Full name" ?

A: this is more etiquette than language and grammar advice. I personally think Dear Firstname Lastname is okay, but if you look at websites on letter writing some say this is less formal and some do not like it. The BBC don't seem to mind using the full name without a title though:
Q: A: wright
B: right

How do you pronounce differently each other?

klingt das natürlich?
A: As other people said, “wright” is a surname (the Wright brothers, Frank Lloyd Wright) and it’s also a word (used only in combination with other words) meaning “maker” or “builder” in (now) just a few words in English: shipwright (someone who makes ships), playwright (someone who writes plays)
Q: How to wright 「 We are expecting seven students (attend) this evening class, so far. 」to English teacher by E-mail.
Could you give me some model answer.
A: "So far, we are expecting seven students to attend class this evening."
(Not a direct translation; I made it sound more natural.)
Q: Be careful not to wright on the wall. Ballpoints won't come out. klingt das natürlich?
A: Be careful not to WRITE on the wall.

As for the second sentence, try saying, "Ballpoint MARKS won't come OFF," or something like that -- something pertaining to marks left by the pen, not the pen itself.

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