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Agree or disagree: Multinational corporations have become too powerful

I agree with this idea for the following two reasons.

First, some companies exploit local people and work too hard. According to news, workers from developing countries seek for their job no matter how cheap their wages are. As a result, some companies hire them low wage, long working hours, and under poor environment. In addition, they negotiate the local suppliers to let the cost be lower. This is unfavorable to the suppliers because they lose their proper benefits. Indeed, the companies make opportunities to give silvering light to developing countries. However, they abuse their powerful authorities to the local people.

Second, they have the possibility to threaten the local environment. Nowadays, there is a growing awareness of eco-consciousness behaviors, thus many companies try to establish their own rules. However, sadly, there are still some companies that pursuit only their own profits. The more the companies have power, the more the damage they give to the environment will increase when it comes to the multinational company. Therefore, some third party should monitor the rule strictly and access the effects before it advance to other countries.

In conclusion, I believe that multinational corporations have become too powerful in this era.
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